Gone are the days when a marketing budget was devoted solely to print and broadcast ads. Savvy marketers recognize that the novelty of the Internet wore off long ago – it’s now an effective tool for delivering messages and building relationships. It’s been years since anyone asked if you had a Web site; they now assume you have a Web site and expect it to work wonders. Procter & Gamble knows a thing or two about marketing, and we’ve created, maintained and/or hosted sites for many of P&G’s brands. Being a Web partner of a marketing giant such as Procter & Gamble has taught us more than a few lessons – and we’re applying those lessons today for online clients throughout the region.


Uptown Altamere

Ray St. Clair The Bank of Kentucky Center

Buddy Rogers Mr. Transmission

Lang Photo Wall Street Greetings

Bonbonerie Aquatic Training Center

Global Shipping Company Ronald McDonald House